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What We Do

Franklin County's vision is to provide responsible, efficient, and effective government that delivers outstanding public services through innovative leadership and sound fiscal management, and improves the quality of life for the residents of Franklin County.

The mission of the Benefits and Wellness Department is to provide health and wellness program benefits to members of the Franklin County Cooperative Health Benefits Program and to mitigate occupational and property risk to Franklin County employees so that they can live healthier, safer lives.

Our agency's goal is to develop and administer sustainable health and life benefit programs that optimize quality, access and cost effectiveness, and is responsive to and valued by plan participants. Our agency wishes to advance the health status of Franklin County Cooperative Health Benefits Program members through data-driven, evidence-based wellness programs. In pursuing our goals we are also able to recommend risk reduction measures to lessen occupational risk for Franklin County employees through worksite assessment and engagement.

The strategic objective is to:

  • Combat complacency in unhealthy behaviors;
  • Lift barriers that prohibit behavioral changes;
  • Promote and instill inter-agency communications and cooperation;
  • Reduce the prevalence of obesity, while increasing workforce fitness;
  • Support the workforce through lifestyle change phases;
  • Act as a good steward with public funds and influence/address cost drivers that impact the Health, Wellness and Safety Programs;
  • Effectively educate and communicate to members Health, Wellness and Safety Programs.