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About ThriveOn

The concept of ThriveOn was born out of a need to reposition employee health and wellness in a new light.

Rather than approach employee wellness from a "need to improve" perspective, ThriveOn supports a "desire to live well" outlook. A simple shift in thinking can have a huge impact on our motivation: instead of the message that a person is inherently unhealthy and must work to achieve better health, the ThriveOn program encourages behavior changes made from the desire to live and be well.

Wellness is a lifestyle that is incorporated into every facet of your daily life. Not only physical activity and nutrition, but emotional and environmental health can play just as important a role in your overall health status. Cultivating a culture of wellness, reaching your personal goals transforms something you need to do into something you want to do.

The multidimensional approach to ThriveOn seeks to address the variety of factors in one's life that can lead to unhealthy choices. Incorporating these dimensions beyond the physical (what we do, what we eat, etc.), we can effect a deeper change that will further advance our overall health status. Each dimension is unique, therefore ThriveOn will tailor its programs to reflect the dimension it is addressing.

Subject matter focusing on one's mental health and the mind-body link. What goes on in our heads can affect how our bodies operate.

Links to the central Ohio community and the non-profit organizations that can provide help as well as volunteer opportunities for those who want to give back. Helping our community to flourish helps ourselves as well.

The lifestyle choices we make regarding what we eat and what keeps us active have immediate and long-ranging effects on our personal wellness.

The "stuff" of life that can wear you down. Bringing subject matter experts on legal issues, financial planning, and professional development to help you achieve the life you want.