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Health Coaching

Struggling with good nutrition? Thinking about quitting smoking? Need someone to help keep you on track and motivated toward reaching your goals? Our trained health coaches and educational mailings are right at your fingertips. Your ThriveOn Wellness Resource Center can provide you with health topics and styles of support that you want to receive. You can work one on one with a trained health coach to help you set and reach your wellness goals. Together, you'll create an action plan that's right for your health status, your medical conditions, and your personal goals. You decide what to work on, and you set the pace. Your trained coach will help you get inspired, find the right resources, and make progress. Your ThriveOn Wellness Resource Center offers an Easy Start Program for members that do not know where to begin and all of these services are provided to you at no charge. Simply register, complete your Health Risk Assessment and the ThriveOn Wellness Resource Center will provide you with Health Coaching options based upon your unique needs. Click here to get started.

How to Register at for Health Coaching

Registration for the Online Wellness Resource site is quick and easy:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Create My Account Now!
  3. Enter your first name, date of birth and last four of social security number.
  4. Click continue and follow the prompts.

Questions about Health Coaching? Call 1-855-719-1908