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Safety and Fire Prevention - Home Smoke Detectors

Don't let your future go up in smoke. Click below to learn more about Fire Safety and Prevention. October 5-11 is National Fire Prevention Week.

October is National Work and Family Month

October is national work and family month and many families continue to struggle with the general slowdown in economic activity. The most recent recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009, and many of the statistics that describe the U.S. economy have yet to return to their pre-recession values.

Your Employee Assistance Program, EAP, is designed to assist you and your family with financial services and resource referrals.

I can use EAP for that too?

Times have changed a lot since you were a teenager. Sure, every school-age child is worried about being popular and fitting in, but for today's children, that's just the tip of the icebergMy son hates going to school because there's a boy who teases and picks on him every day. What can I do to help him?

Having to deal with a bully is hard for kids — especially at school.

Get your discounted CoGo membership today!

Thanks to the ThriveOn Wellness Program, county employees now have access to discounted annual memberships for the CoGo Bike Share Program ($30).

With your membership you can check out a bike and ride to lunch, or the park, or just around downtown. You can also use your membership on nights and weekends. Get yours today!

Ergonomics Help

Need Help With an Ergonomic Office Space

Basic ergonomic adjustments are available for you and your agency. If you would like an assessment of your office space, please contact Risk Management.

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